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deSIGNery Signs has been designing selling and installing Gemini Formed Plastic century schoolbook bold font letters for more than 24 years.

Plastic letters in Century Schoolbook Bold font

Image of our Century Schoolbook Bold font Formed Plastic Sign Letters
Image of our Century Schoolbook Bold font round Face Formed Plastic 3 dimensional Sign Letters
Image of our complete alphabet in Century Schoolbook Bold font Plastic Formed dimensional Letters

Discounted Below Prices End On 10/31/2019

6"* 13.91 5/8 1 1/4
9"* 21.69 3/4 1 7/8
12"* 27.53 1 2 1/2
15"* 38.56 1 1/4 3 1/8
18"* 51.26 1 1/4 3 3/4
24"* 82.87 1 3/4 5

* Upper Case Only
† Oversize charges will apply


  • Production time 3 working days
  • Lower case letters, where available, are 90% of upper case price
  • All punctuation is 33% of upper case letters
  • Drill Patterns/Stencil Guides:
    • 1-5 characters = $16.00
    • 6-15 characters = $33.00
    • 16-25 characters = $79.00
    • 26-50 characters = $128.00
    • 51+ characters = $249.00
  • Custom paint colors add 30% + $20 per color (specialty paints may be additional)
  • Matte, semi-gloss & satin finish add 30%
  • Mounting options: All mounting options are included in above price except as listed below
  • 1A-Plain - 90% of Price Listed
  • Foam Filled - 3x Price Listed
  • Free Standing - 3x Price Listed
  • In-Line for Rail - Call for Quote
Questions on pricing or products, please call 866.660.7446 or email
Example of formed plastic sign letters

Link to 31 pigmented colors used in our Century Schoolbook Bold font style formed sign letters PLASTIC COLORS
Images of gemini mounting options for Gemini Century Schoolbook Bold Letters MOUNTING OPTIONS
Sample of drill template for plastic molded sign letters TEMPLATE OPTIONS
Images of paint color options for Century Schoolbook Bold font letters in 6" - 24" letter sizes PAINT OPTIONS
Lifetime warranty on Gemini Century Schoolbook Bold font style dimensional letters with round faces LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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Formed Plastic Century Schoolbook Bold Sign Letters

Gemini’s Century Schoolbook Bold letters are made from a material called CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate). This material is a green plastic that is earth friendly with no harmful ingredients and is used in our molds to make Century Schoolbook Bold interior and exterior building and wall letters. Call today for a quote on our Formed Plastic Dimensional Letters during our Fall Sale. The Century Schoolbook Bold font style letter has a round face and is available in upper case letters. Century Schoolbook Bold Letters are available in heights from 6" - 24" with letter depths ranging from 5/8" - 1 3/4".

Century Schoolbook Bold CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) letters are derived from wood and cotton fiber cells. In the creation of formed plastic letters, Gemini is able to replicate a type style or logo even if it isn’t in their extensive mold inventory. The large letters and logos can withstand all elements and have stood the test of time with Gemini since 1963. With so many custom and standard options available, Gemini is able to create designs for you in less time, money and hassle than if manufactured by yourself.

Plastic formed Century Schoolbook Bold letters are also impact and fade resistant. The way the plastic is formed is by using sheets of plastic and heat them until they are flexible enough to be laid over molds set on a vacuum table. The plastic sheet is then formed into the Century Schoolbook Bold mold by strong suction until it has taken form of the mold.

Your logo can be brought to life with color and custom forming. These building letters provide so many options and a variety of things to choose from. The plastic used is 100% recyclable and delivers added depth and dimension at a lower cost. The Century Schoolbook Bold font styled dimensional letters can also be backlit with LEDs so that your logo and lettering will stand out in the dark.

Interior & Exterior Century Schoolbook Bold Building & Wall Sign Letters

Gemini’s plastic formed century schoolbook bold font letters is the way to go when a low cost professional appearance is required. Gemini provides easy installation with 10 different ways to mount the letters to the surface. The different types of mounts are: plain, flange, stud, pad, combination, combination all, outside bracket, wire, form-filled (max. 9”) and free standing. DeSIGNery can provide you with a custom quote on your wall mount letters and even send you a sample so you can know exactly the type of high quality product you will be receiving for your order. Keep in mind these letters are extremely strong, but despite their amazing tolerance to natural elements, Gemini still stands behind their product 100% and guarantees them for life!

If your project calls for molded plastic century schoolbook bold font style letters with a round face in upper case with a height ranging from 6" - 24" and 5/8" - 1 3/4", then we have what you are looking for. Order before 10/31/2019 to qualify for the discount pricing with a now being offered by an A+ BBB Rated company!

Fall Sale ends on 10/31/2019

Fall Sale on all sizes 6" - 24" Century Schoolbook Bold font molded plastic formed sign letters

During our Fall Sales Event is a great time to buy round face century schoolbook bold font formed sign letters. We have marked down all of our century schoolbook bold dimensional letters for our Fall Blow Out Sale. All dimensional century schoolbook bold font sign letters pricing pages have been updated with our sale prices saving you 10% to 20% on sign letters. If you need help deciding between our many choices of custom dimensional letters on sale during our Fall sales event, just click here or give us a call.

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