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metal laminated Gatorfoam® office wall lettering

Example of brushed gold metal laminated gatorfoam dimensional letter

There are so many different ways to display your company name and logo. It is difficult to sometimes determine which one will be the best fitting for your company. A professional appearance starts with what the customer first sees upon their arrival. When the customer walks in to see the company name and logo professionally displayed on the wall behind the receptionist desk, they will know that they are about to start working with an amazing company. Metal gatorfoam dimensional lettering is a unique and simple way to display your company with a touch of style and class.

deSIGNery’s metal gatorfoam dimensional letters are created from the highest quality gatorfoam with a stunning laminate on the front. This laminate can either be a polished or brushed finish in gold, silver, copper or bronze. The sides of the metal gatorfoam can also be painted to any color of your choice for an eye popping appearance.

DeSIGNery’s dimensional lettering and graphics uses high quality materials and advanced production processes in order to help you give your property a BIG name. Dimensional letters can be made of many different materials; acrylic, wood, aluminum, PVC, or gatorfoam. Our most popular type of dimensional lettering is the gatorfoam material. The reason for this is because it is light weight and very durable.

Metal gatorfoam dimensional letters are recommended for indoor use and are popular in libraries, banks, churches, schools, and business offices. The letters are constructed of a high density polystyrene foam core with a hard, smooth surface on the front and back. For years this material has been the preferred material to use by photo mounters, artists, designers, sign painters, exhibit builders and engineers. Gatorfoam resists dents and punctures because of the exceptionally hard surface.

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Our company realizes that time is money. You don’t have time to mess with a tough install on your professional sign and you just want an easy way to get the job done right. With our metal gatorfoam dimensional letters, installation is quick and easy. No drilling required and no hardware to worry about losing. All you need to install your dimensional letters is double sided tape and 100% pure silicone. Also provided to you is a paper layout so there is no measuring required. Our sales staff is always a phone call or email away in case you have any questions about the install.

Metal gatorfoam dimensional letters can be completely customized to what you need. Your logo can be created and made into something that you may never have thought to be possible. Text and size, color and style, it is all up to you! Our company makes it easy and with our experience, we make the ordering of your dimensional letters quick and easy. In order to get a specific order correct, a lot of communication is needed and we will not let you down. Images of our dimensional letters are on our website so you can see what they look like and if that isn’t enough, we can even send you a sample.

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