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Bronze & Aluminum Cast Metal Letters

Image of cast metal letter production
Image of cast metal dimensional letter

Solid Metal Sign Letters

Gemini cast metal letters are made from earth-friendly alloys free of lead and mercury. Wall street companies, government buildings and colleges have been using our hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters for their durability, class & distinction. Each cast metal letter is tested to last a lifetime or we’ll replace it, free.
Professional and impressive, deSIGNery Solid Metal Sign letters by Gemini will add visual class to your business signage. In order to achieve the realness of metal letters, the only thing you can do is to use solid bronze or aluminum building wall letters.

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Gemini Cast Metal Letters & Logos

Professional and impressive, Gemini’s cast metal letters will add everything and more to your business setting. In order to achieve the realness of metal letters, the only thing you can do is to use real metal. Metal wall letters add a sense of class and beauty to any wall no matter what the size of the letter. They are perfectly crafted and designed with your choice of font and finish.

Gemini’s Cast Metal Letters are cost efficient, earth-friendly, easy to install, produced quickly and are guaranteed for life. There isn’t much more you can ask for from a top of the line manufacturer of many different types of wall dimensional letters. Many businesses of different types can use these letters to add a bit of pizzazz to their reception and waiting areas. A few businesses that can use cast metal letters to their advantage would be healthcare offices, real estate, banks, libraries, law offices, car dealerships, and many more!

Metal Dimensional Letters

With such a high quality and advanced product, there are many options available as to what you can have done with large metal letters. Among many different standard fonts and finishes, thicknesses and sizes, the possibilities are endless for what you can do. There are 12 different finishes available for metal letters: satin aluminum, painted, clear anodized, gold anodized, medium bronze anodized, dark bronze anodized, black anodized, satin bronze, polished bronze, oxidized bronze, dark oxidized bronze and traditional patina. Gemini features more than 60 standard styles with many different finish options. For larger sizes you can have backed with LED lighting.

When you receive your custom metal letters you may be wondering what all goes into making them. They are quite involved in the production process, though every time, a perfect product comes out that is finished and closely inspected by hand. When a metal letter is created, molten metal is poured into a mold and is set to solidify. This is the casting process. This process has been around for hundreds of years, used by craftsmen to create their designs.

The metals, aluminum and bronze, are used for your letters. Aluminum ingots are used for the casting of aluminum logos, letters, and symbols. Different types result in different finishes. Alloy #319 is used to create more of a natural satin and baked enamel finishes. These letters are stroke-sanded with bead blasted returns. Aluminum alloy #514 is used when anodizing is specified and requires an optimal finish. Returns are sanded by hand and faces are stroke sanded.

Why is anodizing aluminum alloy so important? The reason that the anodizing process is so important for aluminum alloy is to increase the corrosion resistance, to increase surface hardness and to allow dyeing. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide. The surface is strong and smooth yet porous enough to absorb dyes and special pretreatment procedures.

Lead and mercury free bronze alloy NAVY-G (88-8-0-04) is used for all bronze castings for letters, logos and symbols. For all bronze finishes including natural satin, polished and oxidized, the NAVY-G alloy is used. All letter faces are stroke sanded and letter returns are sanded by hand.

Cast metal wall letters deliver a classic look and style with clean sharp lines and added dimension. They are the ultimate metal letters. As mentioned before, all of Gemini’s products are earth friendly, and there is never any scrap to throw away. Every extra piece of material is recycled for the next casting process. This is how Gemini is able to deliver you a quality product that has the lowest cost of metal letters.

The quick delivery of the metal building letters is another added plus. Most orders are completed within 2 weeks and custom orders within 3 weeks. Available are also more than 12 different installation methods so that no matter where the letters are being installed and how you want them to look on the wall, there is a specific installation method that will work for you. The durability of these metal letters is so impressive that they will not dent or chip like metal laminates and the anodized finishes are resistant to the elements. If anything out of the ordinary should happen to your metal letters, they are guaranteed for LIFE through Gemini.

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