Dimensional Letters

deSIGNery Signs has been designing, selling and installing DynoFoam Building letters for more than 29 years.

Metal Laminated Acrylic, Plexiglass & Plastic

Image of Gemini GemLeaf vs. Gemini metal laminated acrylic.

Metal Laminated on Acrylic

CNC Routed acrylic with a Pre-finished CHEMETAL laminated face

Sizes 3" - 24" on 1/8" - 1" Acrylic

Gemini offers 19 standard metal laminate finishes on your choice of 25 standard pigmented acrylic color substrates. The .030 aluminum sheets are treated to the desired metal finish and then laminated using the patented Gemini Bern-Lok™ process for superior edge quality.

A Perfect solution for your low budget indoor office wall lettering. After lamination your letters and logos are computer router cut using the latest in CNC technology.

GOTO Metal Laminated Acrylic Letters

GemLeaf™ on Acrylic

Precision Laser cut acrylic with an Ultra-thin laminate GemLeaf Face

Sizes 1" - 22" on 1/8" - 1/4" Acrylic

GemLeaf™ indoor letters use the latest technology to apply a micron coating of metal to your choice of 27 standard pigmented acrylic substrates. This age-old technology of gilding is ideal for interior display market.

A Perfect alternative for your letters and logos because of their laser cut precision allowing for exacting replication of any artwork. GemLeaf™ offers the look of costly solid metal signage and provides the elegance of high-end signage at a lower cost to the consumer.

GOTO GemLeaf™ Acrylic Letters

Gemini’s  no-hassle warranty  is no different for its display letters than for its exterior grade products, when they are installed in the proper environment. GemLeaf™ Letters and Metal Laminated Acrylic Letters are designed for interior use because of limitations of the topcoats, substrates, or finishes. While these letters may be installed in exterior applications, Gemini cannot warrant their life in those environments. As with all other Gemini products, when used in the proper environment, if for any reason, your product chips, cracks, or fades—Gemini will replace or repair the returned product free of charge, with product as manufactured by Gemini.

Spring Sale ends on 5/31/2024

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During our Spring Sales Event is a great time to buy Dimensional Letters. We have marked down all of our Metal Laminated Acrylic, Plexiglass & Plastic for our Spring Blow Out Sale. All dimensional Dimensional Letters pricing pages have been updated with our sale prices saving you 10% to 20% on sign letters. If you need help deciding between our many choices of custom dimensional letters on sale during our Spring sales event, just click here or give us a call.

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