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Metal Laminated Acrylic Sign & Wall Letters

The great thing about Gemini’s  metal laminated acrylic  wall lettering is that it gives the look and feel of metal but isn’t a solid piece of metal. This is how these dimensional sign letters are so affordable and convenient for the strictly budgeted business owner. The base of the letter is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) acrylic that Gemini manufactures at their location. The letter is then given its metal look by adding a .030” layer of real metal to the acrylic base. These exquisite letters offer your business a clean and professional look while keeping costs down. These letters are recommended to be used only indoors but can also be used in some outdoor applications. Gemini’s “Bern-Lok” process gives the letters the ability to reduce deterioration and de-lamination which can be caused by exposure to nature and its elements.

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GEMINI Metal Laminated Acrylic

On a regular business day, we received a phone call from a local business owner inquiring about wall lettering. He gave us specific details on what he wanted but wasn’t sure if anything like what he wanted could be produced. He said they were on a strict tight budget but needed something for the wall behind their receptionist. He also mentioned that he wanted them to be metal. Metal wall lettering is what he wanted but could not fit it into his strict budget. We then stepped in to suggest the Gemini Metal Laminate reception area wall letters. He thought, “Brilliant! But how will I afford that?”

Gemini’s metal laminate 3 dimensional letters are available with 86 different metal laminates and on 25 acrylic colors. Gemini offers more standard options that you can choose from than anywhere else. With the base being made out of acrylic with a small layer of metal laminate on the face, these letters are extremely light weight. This characteristic makes installation quick and easy while requiring little hardware.

Gemini has always been extremely picky with what materials they choose to use for their dimensional letters. The base is composed of a solid pigmented acrylic material, therefore not using any foam or hazardous PVC materials. The metal laminate is earth friendly and is fully recyclable and it is not made with lead and mercury materials.

The production of these building letters has increased greatly as far as time restraints and perfectionism. Gemini has been producing these dimensional sign letters for more than 50 years and has researched and found new ways in order to be able to produce this product quicker. They are able to produce the metal laminate letters in just a few days and they also recycle and extrude all scrap material. In doing this, it saves your company time and money.

Thicknesses range from 1/8” up to 1”. Before any of your custom letters and logos are created, Gemini smoothes out the lines in the vector art file submitted in order to assure smooth and perfect cut lines. The Bern-Lok lamination process is used to adhere the metal sheets to the substrate. This process is proprietary to Gemini, using a combination of heat, high pressure, and chemical bonding. Once the sheets are laminated, they are router cut using precision CNC equipment to provide the best mechanical cut possible.

Large letters and logos can be cut in two pieces. The largest piece that can be cut is 30” in a single piece. Smaller letters and logos less than 24” can be cut out of 1/8” and 3/16” thick materials. Larger letters are required to be thicker for optimum performance.

If you aren’t sure yet if this product will work for you or not, feel free to request a sample of the product. With the ease and convenience of this product, we are sure it will work perfectly for your company. Just remember, with Gemini’s metal laminate acrylic letters and logos, you can get the elegant and professional look of metal without the high dollar cost.

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