Brushed Copper Sign Letters

deSIGNery Signs has been designing and selling cast metal Brushed Copper letters for more than 29 years.

Laser-Cut COPPER Letters & Logos

Gemini  flat cut brushed copper   logos & sign letters are cut from premium lead free copper. Available in 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 inch thicknesses

Brushed Copper dimensional letters
Flat Cut Brushed Copper Letters
1/8" 1/4" 3/8"
1" 32.63    
2" 34.86 40.42 49.41
3" 40.42 50.61 61.83
4" 47.18 57.29 75.27
5" 60.63 69.62 95.48
6" 73.05 87.60 114.58
7" 89.83 104.47 138.22
8" 101.04 122.46 167.42
9" 127.00 142.67 198.84
10" 143.78 163.99 239.26
11" 165.19 187.62 269.57
12" 184.19 213.40 306.65
13" 205.61 241.58 343.73
14" 225.82 273.00 389.80
15" 250.48 306.65 431.33
16" 277.45 340.39 482.97
17" 314.44 377.38 538.03
18" 347.07 415.57 594.21
19" 384.15 455.99 651.40
20" 428.00 497.61 713.23
21" 476.20 544.80 774.97
22" 521.16 594.21 839.03
23" 566.03 643.62 902.99
24" 610.99 697.57 969.36
25" 664.94 749.20 1032.21
26" 718.80 804.17 1093.95
27" 772.75 857.01 1160.23
28" 825.59 908.65 1224.29
29" 878.33 961.39 1284.91
30" 932.19 1014.23 1347.77
31" 983.92 1090.62 1469.11
32" 1043.43 1175.99 1598.33
33" 1107.39 1262.39 1729.69
34" 1165.80 1345.54 1858.91
35" 1227.63 1430.92 1990.27
36" 1283.80 1517.41 2119.49

Place your order before 6/30/2024 to cash in on our Spring Sales Event!

brushed copper sign lettersBRUSHED COPPER
Images of cast metal finish options FINISH OPTIONS
Images of gemini mounting options for Gemini Brushed Copper Letters WELDED STUD BOSS
Lifetime warranty on Gemini Brushed Copper font style letters LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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Spring Sale ends 6/30/2024

Spring Sale on all sizes from 1/2" - 46" copper letters with brushed copper finish.

During our Spring Sales Event is a great time to buy custom brushed copper dimensional sign letters . We have marked down all of our three dimensional letters for our Spring Blow Out Sale. All dimensional copper sign letters pricing pages have been updated with our sale prices saving you 10% to 20% on interior and exterior wall letters. Click here or give us a call.

A+ BBB Rating

A+ BBB Rating for deSIGNerySigns

At deSIGNery Sign Company we are proud of our professional commitment to our customers which is why we have maintained an A+ BBB Rating since we joined many years ago. Customers trust BBB and value their seal of approval. BBB Trust Seal signifies integrity, transparency and a level of unparalleled service. More importantly, it is backed by BBB Standards for Trust and a 100+ year old reputation of identifying an A+ rated business like deSIGNery.

One of our specialties over the last 29 years has been our expertise in three dimensional letters with the installation and sale to the do-it-yourself clientele. Order your brushed copper 3D letters for today!

Precision Cut Brushed Copper Building Letters

With more than 50 years of experience, Gemini produces the finest flat cut Brushed Copper letters available today. Using state-of-the-art water jets, lasers and CNC machines to precisely duplicate letters and logos from customer supplied art files. Our corporate office flat cut building letters & marquis flat cut dimensional letters are precision cut using a fine high-pressure stream of water that carries an abrasive mineral allowing for sharp inside corners or CNC Laser-cut on small brushed copper letters and intricate details on your marquis laser cut dimensional letters & reception area water-jet cut wall letters.

Gemini uses an aluminum alloy number 5052 which produces a superior product, is easily welded and offers excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum is an excellent anodizing material and has a superior hardness rating of H32.

Three Dimensional Letters

Anodized copper may vary from order to order due to the anodizing process. Our brushed finish is a #2 - #3 finish of 80 - 100 grit with a low gloss clear coat. Our #4 finish is brushed with a 150 - 180 grit and then protected with low-gloss clear coat. Gemini's polished finish on brushed copper letters is a #7 - #8 finish and sprayed with a clear coat.

All patinas by their very nature will vary from order to order and even from letter to letter in. The patina will change in the appearance over time depending on contact with the elements such as humidity and temperature. Patinas can bleed onto the background structure when installed outside.

Gemini custom cut brushed copper letters are used by companies like chemical companies & engineering consultant firms to showcase their business name or logos with lifetime warranty 3D sign letters. With the ability to cut our metal alloys into shapes not attainable with routers, you can create intricate detail that you would not think possible. Your 2-D drawings and images can be produced into 3-D shapes that will leave your customers in awe. Multiple sets also afford even lower costs when compared to our single price per piece.

Advantages of Brushed Copper Dimensional Letters

  • Individual letters or logos can range in sizes from 1/2" - 46"
  • Brushed Copper results in a superior water jet or laser cut edge
  • All anodizing and specialty finishes are performed in house along with polishing
  • Orders produced in just 9 to 12 days plus shipping times
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Brushed Copper metal available in multiple gauges

Custom Dimensional Brushed Copper Letters

7 easy steps for quoting and ordering

  • Submit vector-based artwork with the below information
  • Size of the finished logo and letter should be in the art file
  • Specify brushed copper or other type metal desired
  • Indicate the thickness preferred
  • Choose the type of mounting desired
  • Choose from the plethora of finishes available
  • Indicate the number of identical sets

When precision and perfection are a must, look no further than Gemini’s beautiful FLat Cut Brushed Copper Letters & Logos. These dimensional letters offer a professional and clean appearance to any office wall or exterior building on gas utility companies & tax preparation offices and they will be sure to deliver the wow factor to your customers. So many businesses like chemical companies & engineering consultant firms use dimensional letters to help their company name and logo stand out with perfect detail and eye popping metal finishes.

There really isn’t much more you can say about such a great product that be can be used for so many different things in many different ways. With its convenient ability to be used indoors or outdoors and harsh environments never being a concern, Gemini’s precision cut dimensional brushed copper letters & logos is a worry free product that will last you as long as you need it to. And to top off all the greatness attached to this product, it is guaranteed for LIFE! That’s right! If anything does happen to damage a letter or if anything goes wrong with your purchased product, it is 100% covered by Gemini. If you would like to give this product a little test, a sample can always be requested.

Order your brushed copper building letters today to take advantage of our Spring Clearance Sale for your next dimensional lettering project for marquis laser cut dimensional letters & reception area water-jet cut wall letters or any other signage needs..