Molded Plastic Sign Letters

deSIGNery Signs has been designing, selling and installing Gemini Minnesota Injection Molded Plastic Sign Letters in roman font style for more than 28 years.

Minnesota Injection Molded Sign Letters in Roman font

Image of our Roman font Minnesota Letter
Image of our Roman font flat Face Molded 3 dimensional Sign Letters
Image of our complete alphabet in Roman font Plastic Molded dimensional Letters

Discounted Below Prices End On 10/31/2023

4"* 12.42 3 5/8  5/8
6"* 14.00 5 1/2  3/4
8"* 19.93 7 3/8  3/4
10"* 24.57 9 1/4 1
12"* 27.72 11 1

* Upper Case Only
† Oversize charges will apply


  • Production time 3 working days
  • Lower case letters, where available, are 90% of upper case price
  • Small punctuation such as a comma, period and dash are 33% of upper case letters
  • Drill Patterns/Stencil Guides:
    • 1-5 characters = $16.00
    • 6-15 characters = $33.00
    • 16-25 characters = $79.00
    • 26-50 characters = $128.00
    • 51+ characters = $249.00
  • Custom paint colors add $20 per color (specialty paints may be additional)
  • Matte, semi-gloss & satin finish add 30%
  • Mounting options: All mounting options are included in above price except as listed below
  • 1A-Plain - 90% of Price Listed
  • In-Line for Rail - Call for Quote
Questions on pricing or products, please call 866.660.7446 or email
Photo of molded plastic sign letters

Images of our minnesota paint options PAINT OPTIONS
Images of our minnesota paint options MOUNTING OPTIONS
Images of our minnesota paint options TEMPLATE OPTIONS
Images of our minnesota paint options OTHER FONTS
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Roman Font Style Molded Sign Letters

Gemini Roman font style letters are injection molded to give you smooth returns, razor sharp edges and impeccable flat face style letters. Minnesota letters with flat faces in the roman font have look and feel of cast metal in an injection molded plastic product and priced at 1/3 the cost of cast metal letters. Our Minnesota roman letters are manufactured with Green non-petroleum-based plastic renewable cellulose acetate butyrate material.

All roman letters are extremely durable and will stand up to the Arizona sun as well as the close scrutiny when used as interior roman letters.

Minnesota Letters in Roman Font

Minnesota letters are available in roman and 5 other fonts and professionally painted with blemish free automotive grade paint from our selection of 46 standard colors and are baked with the appropriate enamel to ensure the perfect coating. All letters are in stock and waiting for your choice of color. Minnesota Letters in roman Font is an excellent choice for interior and exterior building and wall letters.

Roman font Plastic Molded Letters

These lightweight Roman letters are available in thicknesses from 5/8" - 1" and ranging from 4" - 12" in height. All of Gemini Minnesota roman sign letters are injection molded. Injection molding starts with creating precision made tools that are produced right in their own shop. Granular plastic is heated and forced through a heated cylinder, then injected into the closed roman font mold. Each letter is designed for a different look and sign type. Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) is an earth friendly recyclable plastic material that is composed of wood and cotton. This material gives you a distinct advantage over many other materials. It provides the ultimate in impact resistance, weather ability, and colorfastness. The flat face of Minnesota roman letters is free of imperfections due to the fact that CAB is very flexible, yet strong enough for the injection molding process.

Fall Sale ends on 10/31/2023

Fall Sale on all sizes 4" - 12" Roman font molded plastic formed sign letters

During our Fall Sales Event is a great time to buy flat face roman font molded sign letters. We have marked down all of our roman dimensional letters for our Fall Blow Out Sale. All dimensional roman font minnesota sign letters pricing pages have been updated with our sale prices saving you 10% to 20% on sign letters. If you need help deciding between our many choices of custom injection molded dimensional letters on sale during our Fall sales event, just click here or give us a call.

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